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Space Coast 3-2-1
Cool Links Page

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Dog Lover's Database

Computers & Web Development
Cool Clock Script
404 Research Lab
Surf Anonymously
Web Page Backgrounds
Reliable, Cheap Internet Providers

Education & Trivia
Biography Search
Database of Jugglers in Movies
Famous Quotes
Find A Grave
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Trivia Portal
TV History Bonanza
"Useless" Web Tool
Virtual Vineyard
Why Traffic Jams Happen

Email Techniques
How to Reduce Spam!

Bubble Wrap Stress Relief
The Oracle of Elvis
The Oracle of Kevin Bacon

Games and Stuff
Cave of Magic
Fun Quizzes
Kewl Optical Illusion
Solve a Mystery
The Dialectizer: Convert your webpages from English to other languages;

Greeting Cards and Stuff
Blue Mountain Greetings
Castle Mountains Greetings
Internet Bumper Stickers
Message Mates Animated Files




Jobs & Careers
Mindless Jobs of America (You think your job's bad?)

Jokes and Laughter
How to Slack Off at Work
Fishin' Ain't so bad!
Humor of the Day
Alzheimer's Test
Automatic Flatterer
Feeling Old?

Just Plain Cool stuff
Kewl pages to send to friends
Make your own lightning storm

Find the Perfect Smiley or Emoticon for Your E-mails
COOL Site of the Day

Kewl Java Applets, Art & Music
Friendship Rose
Great Waterfall
Lyrics to College Fight Songs
Search for Internet Radio Stations

People & Relationships
Male/Female Translator
Snappy Comebacks to Pickup Lines

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Present View of Earth From Satellite
Optics and Microscopy

Fan Cost Index: Price index of tickets, beer, hot dogs, etc.
Major League Baseball Salaries
Fly Fishing

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